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VMAS GUJARATI do not provide any refund paid for our services and not liable to refund any money paid towards the subscriptions, the subscription services, the extent of available Subscription Digital Content, and the specific titles available through subscription services.

For Subscribers Outside INDIA: who are availing the services offered by VMAS GUJARATI via Google Play or App Store , under the recurring subscription option, i.e. the subscription and / or membership of our service via {Web-Portal / Application / Other Wired & Non Wired Internet sections} can and  would automatically renew itself for the same term for which the existing subscription and / or membership was to be valid. If such a user was charged after cancelling the subscription, In such case VMAS GUJARATI / Other VMAS ASIA’s Subscription would grant the user the refund – money back on receipt of valid proof of cancelling the subscription prior to being charged.

For Subscribers Inside  INDIA / In Indian Territories :, the recurring subscription option is not available and, in such case the subscription expired as soon as the term for which the existing subscription and / or membership expires. Here, VMAS GUJARATI is not liable to refund any amount paid by the user (Existing Subscriber)

No Refund Policy is observed by VMAS GUJARATI / For Subscribers Located in INDIA.